Celebs Love R&J!

We absolutely LOVE to see our favorite celebs stopping by and rocking their favorite R&J goodies!! Who wouldnt’?! Take a look at some of our fabulous famous friends:

Disney Channel’s Zendaya is a loyal R&J lover. We spotted her in our NYC store, out and about, and just hangin’ in some amazing R&J pieces! We can’t wait to see her on this season’s Dancing with the Stars!



The beautiful Angela Simmons from “Run’s House” stopped by our NYC store and played dress up in tons of cute looks, from funky jackets to girly dresses!



Check out some of our famous faves hitting up R&J! From Disney to reality, from Los Angeles to New Jersey, stars can’t get enough of Ruby and Jenna!!



Have you seen your favorite celeb rocking some R&J? Send us the shots!! 

Want to get the R&J star treatment? Send us your shots of you rocking your best Ruby and Jenna looks over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email, for a chance to be featured on the site!!! 


Ruby and Jenna


In My Dreams…

In my dreams, Spring is in the air! I see myself twirling around in my new mint skater skirt and a crochet crop top which hits right above the skirt. My tummy peeks out if I raise my arms. Thank you spray tan!

The temperature is about 70 degrees, and I am ready to rock my hot new look..

WAIT!! I was only dreaming! Oh no! I am about 2 weeks away from reality.

I better go shopping and get my SPRING on…. Ruby and Jenna is calling my name!


Little Red

Want to Model for RubyandJenna.com?

Want to Model for RubyandJenna.com?

They’re customers at Ruby and Jenna…

They’re students at schools like Penn State and SUNY Binghamton…

They’re also… our MODELS!

We here at Ruby and Jenna pride ourselves on using real girls to rock our clothes, whether they’re working it on the front page or sitting pretty next to the “Buy it Now” button!

We are ALWAYS looking for fresh faces to model for RubyandJenna.com, so send your photos and information to arielle@rubyandjenna.com to apply! You must be 18 or older.

Ruby and Jenna

Welcome to RubyandJenna.com!!!

We did it! YAY! It took us long enough, but we are FINALLY up and running. Trust us; we are JUST as excited as you are! 

We ask that you please be patient with us at first. Like any new website, we are still ironing out (get it!?) the kinks, and we hope that you’ll bear with us. We are also ALWAYS looking for fresh faces, voices, and looks to represent R&J. Please contact us if you would like to blog with us!

 Those that have visited our retail locations know how we operate; we buy a limited number of each style, so we can constantly bring in new stuff. Who wants to wear the same thing as everyone else, anyway?!

Our merchandise is fun, it’s funky, and most of all, it won’t break the bank!  We provide a boutique look for EVERY fashionista, even those on a budget.

You’ll notice that our front page features our models looking to see what their fashion future holds, and we at Ruby and Jenna are doing the same! Whether it’s checking out the latest runway styles, studying celebrity fashion, or even looking deep into our crystal ball, we are always looking towards the future, and we hope that you’ll join us.

Welcome to RubyandJenna.com, where the future is in our fashion!

Xoxo, Ruby and Jenna